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The PanDao tool is a whole new kind of software, which simulates the fabrication chain out of the design data

Why choose PanDao?

Cuts development time and reduce the costs of fabrication chains

  • Instant fabrication cost and risk information
  • Supports negotiations with suppliers
  • Supports supplier audits
  • Optics products competitiveness analysis
  • Supports capacity steering in fabrication

Software Features​

Get optimal fabrication chains and associated costs estimation

  • Input lens data in ISO10110
  • 360 optical fabrication and testing techniques
  • Industrial and academic data clouds
  • Optimal fabrication chain at minimum risk and cost
  • Fastest fabrication chain

With Pandao balance the design and fabrication in real time

Customized For

Optics Designer

  • Create cheaper products
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Connect your design to fabrication

Optical Engineer

  • Reduce risk of project failing
  • Minimize fabrication risks
  • Get details about needed manufacturing technologies

Executive Management & Controlling

  • Get more transparency
  • Reduce risk of project
  • Let optical design and manufacturing cooperate

Purchasing manager

  • Audit and choose suppliers better
  • Negotiate cheaper prices
  • Get technology insights for audits

Licensing Models

Model 1

Company-wide license

Purchase a package including a fixed number of PanDao requests. This package is not personalized and can be used company-wide and in parallel.

Model 2

Single user license

It contains an unlimited number of requests. This single user license is personalized and not transferable to other users.

Model 3

Design to fabrication service

Send us your lens specifications, and we will, NDA protected, analyze your design for optimal producibility at minimum fabrication cost.

Typycal Case Studies

N-BK7 Asphere 200mm, estimate by form error (λ)

N-BK7 OR N-SF57 Asphere 40mm, estimate by Strehl number