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Anax Story

Anax Optics emerged from the prestigious research labs of Kyoto University in 2020. This groundbreaking startup, represents a fusion of academic excellence and cutting-edge technology in optical design and fabrication.

Co-founded by Okiharu Kirino, a visionary in the tech world who took on the role of CEO, and Anthony Beaucamp, a mastermind in technological developments serving as the CTO, Anax Optics is more than just a company; it is a beacon of innovation. The duo’s unique blend of leadership and expertise has propelled the company to the forefront of the optical industry.

The journey of Anax Optics is marked by its specialization in automated optical design through inverse ray tracing, topological optimization and artificial intelligence. The company stands out in its field for focusing on freeform micro lens array (MLA), a critical aspect of light-field-shaping technology. The tools developped by Anax in collaboration with its industrial partners has resulted in a comprehensive software offering of freeform optical design and fabrication (Hyperion, AnaxCAM, Pandao), as well as the willingness to develop ground-breaking new applications in photonics by collaborating with academia and industry.

From its academic origins to its current position at the forefront of light-field-shaping technology, Anax Optics continues to blaze a trail of innovation. With a team driven by passion and a mission to revolutionize optical design, Anax Optics is not just creating products: it is shaping the future of optics.

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Team members

Okiharu Kirino (D.Eng)


Dr. Okiharu Kirino is a well-known and esteemed member of the international optical fabrication community, who carried out his Ph.D. on the topic of optical fabrication. He is current representative director and vice-president of Crystal Optics Inc. (a key partner of Anax), and serves on the board of several companies in the optical fabrication industry. As co-founding member of Anax Optics, he provides a solid administrative and human management lead, while being excellently positioned within the optical industry to open and sustain business opportunities. 

Anthony Beaucamp (D.Eng)


Prof. Anthony Beaucamp is an active contributor to the international community for optical design and fabrication. After working 10 years in the optical fabrication industry (Zeeko LTD, a key partner of Anax), he initiated an academic career in 2010 and currently holds a tenured position at Keio University (Japan). His current research topics covering optical design and manufacture (generative design, digital twins) and development of hybrid machining systems. With more than 10 international patents (granted and pending), more than 100 publications (>50 in peer-reviewed journals), Prof. Beaucamp has an established track-record in ultra-precision manufacture that was recognized through the award of the F. W. Taylor medal of CIRP in 2015, for contributions to super-fine finishing technology. As co-fouding member of Anax, he provides technical guidance and expertize to Anax Optics.

Atsushi Sasaki (M.Eng)

Head of Software Development

Atsushi sasaki graduated in Physics from Lille University (France) and worked as an engineer specialized in simulation of fluidics before returning to Japan. He joined Anax Optics during the business incubation stage and went on to become head of software development responsible for the architecture and implementation of the Hyperion software. In reflection of the strong relationship between Anax Optics Inc. and Keio University, Atsushi is also enrolled as a Ph.D. student in the laboratory of Prof. Beaucamp where he is focusing on design and implementation of novel light-field-shaping systems.