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AnaxCam™ gives you the power to polish with extreme precision in a fully customisable and intelligent environment.​

Why choose AnaxCam?​

Increase the precision of your polishing

  • Achieve consistent polishing results
  • Simple and intuitive graphical user interface
  • Can run your production line autonomously
  • Generate tool path and schedule feed profile
  • Can improve form error through corrective polishing

Software Features​

Easy to use software

  • Automated process planing by AI
  • Cutomizable machines, accessories and tools list
  • Integrated with on machine probing and profiling system
  • Use optical measurement files for compensation
  • Interfaces with ultra-precision metrology

Design Workpiece

AnaxCam design workpiece example

Measure Form

Schedule Feed

Corrective Polishing

Supported Equipments

Machines / Robots​

  • Industrial robots and CNC machines (3 – 5 axis)
  • Many machines already supported (Fanuc, Doosan, DMG, …)

Tools and Accessories​

  • Tables, chucks, extra axis…
  • Probes (Laser profilers, Touch trigger probes, …)

Supported Processes

  • Most materials can be polished (Ceramics, Composites, Glass, Metals, Resins, Crystals …)
  • Flexible tooling: 

Shape Adaptive Grinding

Large material removal

Bonnet Polishing

Fine polishing with ultra precision

Fluid Jet

Polish small workpieces (>0.2mm⌀)


Automatically selects tools and process parameters  as function of material type and surface condition

Corrective Polishing

  • Compensation of tool profile and workpiece deformation with a wide variety of supported measurement systems
  • Schedule feed to remove more or less material depending on the feed rate

Supported Processes





Corrective Polishing

An ever-expanding catalogue of machines, accessories and tools available through plugins.

  • We will add you own machines, accessories and tools plugins on demand